Benefit from the "grassroots trade" Jiangsu Changzhou foreign trade counter trend high


Changzhou, Jiangsu, February 20 (Xinhua): (Tang Juan) Changzhou, Jiangsu Bureau of Statistics released data today showing that in 2008, in the national foreign trade export rate fell sharply, Changzhou export trade to thirty-four point five percent increase out of a round of strong growth of independent market. At the same time, import and export, import and export growth rate of the three indicators are ranked the top five cities in southern Jiangsu.

Last year, Changzhou's total export amounted to USD 132.4 billion, although the amount was ranked after Suzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing, but the increase was higher than the above three cities, higher than the average level of the province by nearly 20%. Yun Dongyu, deputy director of Changzhou Bureau of Statistics, laughingly said that this is due to the "grassroots trade" of "four more and one more", she said: "The trade structure of more small and medium-sized enterprises, more small and medium-sized customers, more small and medium-sized markets, more middle and low-grade goods and a large share of general trade helps Changzhou to resolve and resist the risks of the international market, so the impact in the global financial crisis is relatively small." She also pointed out that Changzhou's good equipment manufacturing base has a strong competitive strength in the international market and the strong growth of new industries such as photovoltaic electronics in recent years is also a factor that supports Changzhou's foreign trade economy to go up against the market.

This year, the impact of the global financial crisis still makes people feel a burst of "cold", but the current situation of foreign trade in Changzhou has shown warmth in the cold winter. According to Yun Dongyu said: "With the 'financial tsunami' to the real economy spread, Changzhou this year to maintain the high growth of foreign trade exports is very difficult, the main economic indicators growth rate is declining trend will continue for some time. But in the country under the promotion of various favorable policies, the confidence of enterprises in difficulty is gradually restored. Especially foreign trade enterprises are actively responding to find new market growth points." According to her, at present, Changzhou trade objects have been extended to more than two hundred countries and regions in six continents, especially Africa, Brazil, the European Union market growth momentum is strong, effectively alleviating the pressure of the United States, Japan's traditional market demand shrinkage.

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