Improve the quality of international trade development and strengthen the construction of international trade power


Promote high-quality economic development, to speed up the realization of China's international economic and trade powers to international economic and trade power transformation. It is necessary to establish the strategic thinking of economic globalization development, to grasp the development pattern of a large domestic cycle as the main body, the dual cycle of domestic and international markets, and to coordinate the interrelationship between domestic and international economic development. At this stage, the global economy volatility, risk, uncertainty factors increase, international trade and investment competition is increasingly fierce, coupled with the rampant trade protectionism and instability of foreign investment region, China's international trade development is facing serious challenges, China's foreign economic and trade quality development level is affected.

Therefore it is necessary to improve the level of rationalized high-quality development of international investment, create world-leading multinational companies, and promote the construction of an all-round global international foreign economic and trade system in order to improve the quality of foreign economic development and provide a highly competitive international market development environment and space for the construction of a modern socialist economic power and trade power. Strengthen the construction of a strong international economic and trade country, to promote the rationalization of international investment development.

International investment contains two forms of capital import and capital export, which is conducive to promoting the flow of various factors in the global context and improving the efficiency of international resource allocation, thus continuously promoting the development of economic globalization. To promote high-quality and sustainable development of international trade, it is important to promote balanced coordination and realize effective and beneficial interaction between international trade and two-way investment.

Continue to build and improve the "introduction" and "going out" of the two-way interaction of institutional mechanisms, not only to strengthen the introduction of foreign investment, technology, management experience and other factors of efficiency and effectiveness, but also to improve the quality of exports of products and services, expand trade exports and foreign investment. In addition, we should improve the quality of product and service exports, expand trade exports and foreign investment, change the big in and big out to the excellent in and excellent out, and realize the coordination and progress of introducing foreign investment and foreign investment. First, we should strengthen the market opening efforts to attract and encourage foreign companies and enterprises to invest in China, and eliminate market entry barriers for enterprises investing in China, while also strengthening supervision to prevent foreign forces that harm national interests from taking the opportunity to invade the domestic market.

Second, we should adjust the structure of China's international investment through government guidance, encourage and guide enterprises to increase investment in modern service industries, high-tech industries and other industries with high added value, and support enterprises with international comparative advantages to go abroad. Thus, promote international investment in a fair and just manner, and truly realize the effective coordination and interaction of two-way flow of capital between all regions of the world. Strengthen the construction of international economic and trade power, to cultivate and develop a higher international level of Chinese multinational corporations.

Multinational corporations are the key subjects of a country's open economy development, and play an extremely important role in the allocation of resources, the level of international trade and the quality of foreign economic development in the world. The development of internationally competitive multinational corporations, one to enhance the international management level of China's multinational corporations.

In the face of risky, uncertainty increased global economy, multinational corporations to continuously enhance the prevention, resist and resolve the international economic and trade risks and business risks, improve our multinational corporations to face the economic, social, political, legal and natural aspects of the international investment environment to identify and assess the ability to protect the safe and stable development of our multinational corporations. To learn, borrow and introduce foreign excellence in investment and service concepts and advanced management experience, and build a legal, financial, trade and other service system construction that meets the requirements of China's high-quality economic development.

Second, we should cultivate international business talents, improve technological innovation capacity and export quality, build international brands with international competitiveness, and enhance the international comparative advantages of multinational companies. Third, we should continuously strengthen the integration and development efforts of state-owned capital and international high-quality capital, promote exchanges and communication between Chinese enterprises and host countries in economic and trade policies, cultural construction, rule-making, etc., and promote win-win development for both sides through the establishment of equal and harmonious political and economic relations.

Strengthen the construction of a strong international economic and trade power, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the international trade structure. China's foreign trade business still has the problem of unreasonable trade structure: the traditional service industry dominates but the development of modern service industry lags behind, the scale of commodity trade development is outstanding but the value-added of exported service products is relatively low, the international competitiveness of service trade is obviously insufficient, China has maintained a long-term service trade deficit, and there is a tendency to continue to expand, in the international trade competition at a disadvantage.

In order to meet the needs of high-quality economic development, we must adhere to the consolidation of traditional advantages in foreign trade and cultivate innovative competitive advantages of the two strategies and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of foreign trade structure, and promote the high-quality development of international trade. First, to promote the transformation and upgrading of export trade in goods, through the cultivation of independent innovation capabilities, improve the level of scientific and technological innovation to produce products to adapt to the world market, to meet the higher requirements of the global, to create the price, service, quality advantages to win the international well-known brands, to guide the optimization and upgrading of processing trade.

Second, we must encourage and support the innovative development of modern service trade, and enhance the quality of service industries open to the outside world. Both to continuously increase the total amount of China's international trade in services, but also to actively cultivate new momentum in the development of trajectory services trade. Encourage the use of a variety of new technologies to transform and upgrade traditional services trade, expand diversified, high-performance emerging services trade, the use of digital economy-oriented focus on the development of digital trade, to improve the added value of trade in services and technology content. Further reduce the market access threshold for service industries, ensure the liberalization and facilitation of services trade development, and continuously improve the level of services trade opening.

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